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Why Replace Doyle Drive?

The historic south access road to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, known as Doyle Drive or Route 101, was structurally and seismically deficient at the start of construction in 2009. The roadway was facing the same problem that threatens other parts of our nation's infrastructure - the ravages of time and continual use. Originally built in 1936, Doyle Drive had reached the end of its useful life. In April of 2012, traffic was shifted onto a seismically-safe temporary bypass that carried traffic until the final roadway was opened on July 12, 2015. Construction activity is continuing through 2017 and includes removing the temporary bypass, reconstructing Halleck Street, covering the tunnels and installing landscaping.

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A Parkway, Not a Freeway

Replacing this aging roadway was not only critical for seismic and traffic safety, but also provided an opportunity for major design improvements.

Doyle Drive has been re-envisioned as the Presidio Parkway - a roadway tucked into the natural contours of the Presidio of San Francisco and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of the nation's largest urban parks. The Presidio Parkway creates a spectacular regional gateway between the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco.  The project team strived to create a roadway that reduces impacts to biological, cultural and natural resources; respects the project setting within a national park, the National Historic Landmark District and surrounding neighborhoods; meets community needs; and provides a safer roadway.

Construction began in late 2009 and will be complete in 2017.

Phase I was completed in 2012 and included construction of the southbound High Viaduct, southbound Battery Tunnel, and temporary bypass. Phase II includes construction of the northbound High Viaduct, northbound Battery Tunnel, Main Post Tunnels, Low Viaduct and Girard Road interchange.

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